Alumni Testimonials


“I am proud to be an alumnus of the HVPM COET and that too the very first batch of 2006 from computer science. HVPM has been one of the more reputed names in the field of education with a rich legacy of excellence, innovation, and research. I had the opportunity to learn from some of the most eminent faculty members, work on cutting- edge projects, and interact with a diverse and talented peer group. HVPM COET also provided me with ample exposure to the industry, academia, and society through internships, workshops, seminars, and social initiatives. The college has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional and personal growth, and I will always cherish the memories and values I gained from this institute.”

Sheetal Jain Class of 2006 B.E. Computer Science, Working for Kyndryl as a Senior Lead – Software Engineering

“Studying computer science at HVPM engineering college offers a high-quality education with a blend of theoretical depth and practical application. The faculty consists of experienced professionals and subject matter experts who foster a stimulating learning environment. Their guidance equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving technology field. It also focuses on Diverse Opportunities, Skill Enhancement, Networking Events, Innovation, Soft Skills, Holistic Development, Career Boosts, and many more. All this learning helped me carve my career ahead and today after spending 17+ yrs in the IT industry handling multiple roles as a manager, leader, and entrepreneur, I am working in MSys Technologies a top Storage company worldwide as Sr. Manager – TA. High gratitude for my go-getter faculty who always supported me to excel in every field. “Never stop learning and upgrading yourself as per the industry expectations with a go- getter attitude will never fail you in any field and it`s worth all your struggle and effort.””

Dr. Rimzim Fuladi Sr. Manager-Talent Acquisition

“The individual attention and care by the faculty in HVPM to each student is highly commendable. I had the opportunity to study Engineering from some of the brilliant minds of the country. I must thank all professors, HOD and principal for taking care of students who come from rural areas.”

Mr. Girish O. Dagdiya Associate Consultant, TCS

“HVPM COET has been instrumental shaping my career! As I look back 13 years when I was a final year student and Tech Mahindra selected me from campus, can`t express my gratitude enough how far this selection has brought me. You will hardly get a graduation institute staff that will monitor each student and pay attention to improvement areas. HOD and Other senior members were always so reachable that no problem was ever a problem! Availablity of all required tech infra, reference books and most importantly the support at each semester is unmatched! HVMP COET has been acting as catalyst to elevate the careers of students and I am sure it will continue to do in future!” #AageBadhoSabseAageBadho

Sarang Banubakde CSE 2011 Business Consultant Tech Mahindra

“As a proud graduate of the Computer Engineering batch of 2011 at HVPM COET, I am privileged to reflect on the transformative years that have shaped both my professional journey and personal growth. The guidance of our esteemed faculty was a cornerstone of our success. Their commitment to nurturing intellect, curiosity, and innovation was evident in every lecture and interaction. The education and experiences I gained during those formative years continue to influence my decisions and contribute to my professional accomplishments. Joining the ranks of the class of 2011 fills me with pride, and I am confident that the legacy we`ve left behind will inspire generations to come. Thank you, HVPM COET, for equipping me with the skills and values that have shaped my journey and helped me make meaningful contributions in the world of technology.”

Kapil Tajane Assistant Professor PCCoE, Pune

“Being a part of the Computer Engineering batch of 2011 at HVPM COET was an incredible journey that has shaped my career and life in ways I couldn`t have imagined. The dedicated faculty, and collaborative atmosphere in college provided the perfect environment for me to thrive and excel in my career. I am proud to be a member of the class of 2011 and will forever cherish the memories and friendships forged during those formative years. HVPM COET gave me more than a degree; it provided me with the tools, knowledge, and mindset to conquer challenges and make a meaningful impact in the world of computer engineering.”

Rahul Pitale Assistant Professor PCCoE, Pune

“As a proud graduate of the 2014 batch, I am pleased to express my thoughts about HVPM College. What truly sets this college apart is its remarkable culture of support and collaboration, creating a strong sense of unity among both students and faculty members. HVPM College is indeed exceptional, boasting an array of impressive attributes. What truly shines for me is their teaching approach – the faculty covers the syllabus so thoroughly that attending classes felt like a choice rather than an obligation. This speaks volumes about the caliber of education they offer. Being in an environment where learning is both engaging and effective is truly remarkable. The college also organises essential technical and soft skill training programs, which not only enhance our interview preparedness but also boost our confidence. These efforts played a pivotal role in securing my first job right out of college. The guiding philosophy of “Karte raho dekha jayega, aage badho sabse aage badho” by Prabhakarrao Vaidya has been a consistent source of motivation for me, propelling me forward in every facet of my life. Reflecting on my current role as a Senior Software Engineer at FIS Global, I can clearly see how the foundation laid during my time at HVPM College has contributed to my achievements. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Anjali Raut Madam for her unwavering guidance and support throughout my educational journey.”

Akshay Maldhure Batch 2014, Senior Software Engineer FIS Global, Pune