T and P Objectives & Activities

Welcome To T & P Cell Department


T & P Cell Objective:

  1. To identify the trainable and employable students by conducting various training programs and assessments.
  2. To Develop Employability Attributes in students
  3. To Provide Training for English Communication, Soft Skills & Aptitude as a part curriculum for Engineering Graduates
  4. To Make Aware & Trained in latest available technology in the field of ENTC, CSE, IT and Management through regularly organizing a. Guest Lectures (in person or Remotely) b. Industry Expert talks (in Person or Remotely) c. Technical Workshops d. Summer and Winter Internship Programs e. Online Global Certification Examinations
  5. To Conduct Placement Drives and Pool Campuses for recruitments
  6. To provide off campus recruitment opportunies based on skill mapping of industry requirment and candidate possessed.
  7. To promote placements through Vitual Mode
  8. To foster the Industry – Institute Alliance
  9. To Coordinate with Alumni Association of H.V.P.M. College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati.
  10. To execute activities Under Skill Sharpening School (S Cube): – A Alumni associations’ effort to improve employability Skills of Engineering fraternity in Amravati City

T & P Cell Activities:

  1. Conduct Induction programs and Icebreaking session for 1st year students of engineering and Management
  2. Conduct English Communication Training for 4th Semester Students
  3. Conduct Soft Skill Training for 5th Semester Students
  4. Conduct Aptitude Training for 6th Semester students
  5. Conduct Campus Recruitment Training along with practice sessions for identified 7th Semester Students
  6. Conducts CAP – Company Awareness Program and PAP – Profile Awareness Program for placement identified students of 7th semester
  7. Conduct Technical Workshops and Training Programs on Telecom Services, PLC, SCADA, Embedded Systems, Androids, Dot Net, Java, Linux, Adobe Flex, Networking, Open Sources Software, SPSS, Use of Excel for Statistical Data Analysis, etc.
  8. Conduct Online Tests for MTA – Microsoft Technology Associates a global certification
  9. Conduct Online Recruitment tests for Pool and Close Campuses
  10. Conduct Online AMCAT Test of Aspiring Minds Assessments Pvt. Ltd. for Assessments & Recruitments
  11. Provide assistance for getting Live Projects to Engineering & Management Students
  12. Provide SIP – Summer Internship Program to Management Students
  13. Provide Summer Training Opportunities to Engineering Students
  14. Provide Enrollments for Employment Exchange
  15. Provide Enrollments for Apprenticeship from Board of Apprenticeship Training (Western Region), Mumbai
  16. Provide Documentation requirement services as Extension counters for Passport & PAN Card