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“Dynamic” – Mechanical Engineering Students Forum In Association with Alumni Association of HVPM College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati

Skill Sharpening School


Course of “Preparing & Working on Desktop / Laptop” A 16 Hrs (4hrs Per day) hands on Training Program

Objectives: – :-

  1. Learner will able to format Desktop / Laptop for installation of Operating System.
  2. Learner will able install operating systems (Microsoft and Open Source).
  3. Learner will able to install application software for his/her daily uses (Microsoft and Open Source).
  4. Learner will able to comfortable work on software like Word processing software, Spreadsheet & Presentation software (in Microsoft and Open Source).
  5. Learner will able to get awareness about Computer network.
  6. Learner will able to connect his/her System to network.

3D Printer Inaugural function

Inaugural Function of 3D printer held in Department of Mechanical Engineering, in presence of Dr.Ghatpande Sir, Narayanan Sir, Nitin Sawant Sir, and Taral Shah sir on 21 July 2017. Head of the department Prof. Amol Karmarkar explained the importance of FDM technology used in 3D printer. Several model has been made with this model, Additive manufacturing technology has been used in this model, Model of 200 x 200 x 250 can be built with this machines, Department have planed several project on this for academic year 2017-18.

Go Kart

A Go kart is a type of open wheel car. Go-Kart come in all shapes and forms motor fewer models to high power racing machines. The Formula – kart is designed for flat track racing so, its ground clearance is very small as compare to other vehicle hence it skips the suspension. The Parts of formula kart are engine, stearing, axle, tyres and bumpers. Formula carting is great outlet for those interested in racing because of its simplicity, cost and safer way to race.

Department make group of 25 students ,those are working as TEAM FROZA

Technical Specifications:

Parameters Designed
Wheel base 45”(1143mm)
Track Width 38”(965.2mm)
Overall length 67.76”
Overall width 45.03”
Ground Clearance 1.9”
Engine 125cc 4- Stroke
Max.Speed 15.33 m/s
Max .Acceleration 10.87 m/s2
Max. Deceleration 26.01m/s2
Turning Radius 2.53m
Brake Type Hydraulic brakes
Weight Of Chassis 27 Kg
Overall Cost Rs. 72,180